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Find your smile and live, laugh, love alongside a community of content addicts who share your interest in emotional content. You may know me from my sports writing, culture writing, legal history courses, or the 2.5 years I spent co-hosting (and eventually just hosting) the What’s Left? podcast.

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Regardless of how you discovered the Internet’s semi-anonymous “King of Content,” you’ll find something here that tickles your fancy or your funny bone. My top content priorities are:

  • Interviews with people about their jobs, as well as remastered/recut “The Work of…” episodes from What’s Left? People enjoyed these, and that’s going to constitute the bulk of the audio content here.

  • Solo episodes in the form of lectures, jeremiads, &c. Topics include legal history, cultural history, strength, fitness, enhanced bodies, wrestling, MMA, literary fiction, and more. I realize the hoary dictum is “not many, but well,” but I’ve always been more of a fox than a hedgehog. I’ll also be recutting and reposting some of my favorite solo episodes from What’s Left?

  • Revised versions of my written work, from both the present and the past. There are instances when my writing becomes uneditable (due to lack of final cut/CMS access) following a sale, leading to my loss of control over the content. Considering that I’ve sold over 1000 pieces since 2012, this has happened frequently. I’m eager to get these back.

  • Vlogs in which I shoot the breeze or embark on some sort of Dennis Miller-esque rant.

To find out more about my content-related goings-on, visit my professional website or email me. If you want to know what I’m reading, add me on Goodreads.


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