Oliver Bateman Does the Work
Oliver Bateman Does the Work
The Work of Coaching

The Work of Coaching

Due to my wrist injury, I'm not very productive — but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be
The work is never done

In the interest of keeping this Substack in operation past 2024, I’m going to start pushing much harder to secure paid subscriptions. I want this to be a near-daily publication, a publication that ceaselessly explores “the work” in its myriad forms. Click that little heart, leave a sweet comment, and then sign up below to support this work.

I'm not quite my usual 120 WPM typing self, but that doesn't mean I'm about to stop doing the work. In fact, I'm bored stiff1 — so email me at oliver.lee1@gmail.com and let’s develop a best-in-class, purpose-built strategy2 for helping you transform your neoliberal, late-capitalist Life™ into round-the-clock Work™ just like Ya Boi here once did.

If you’re one of the many subscribers with access to these posts, I’m urging you to click the heart, leave a comment, restack the article, or otherwise engage in some fashion. I hate making so gauche a request — I’ve always been a “take it or leave it” sort of person who has asked for nothing — but we are now late in the evening of my dis-CONTENT, and only extremely uncouth marketing methods (i.e., outright pleas for assistance) can ensure the perpetuation of this work. Thanks for everything you do!


I recorded this a week ago, but the wrist is working well enough to type now.


at a pay-as-you go rate! “It’s another cash grab…a grift.” — a satisfied content consumer

Oliver Bateman Does the Work
Oliver Bateman Does the Work
The continuation (from "What's Left?") of Oliver's interviews with people about the interesting work they do + solo episodes covering assorted academic topics.