Oliver Bateman Does the Work
Oliver Bateman Does the Work
The Work of Podcasting

The Work of Podcasting

Here's how to make the big bucks in content production, kids
Wait, it's all ? Always has been

In this episode of Oliver Bateman Does the Work, I share a personal update before diving into the intricacies of podcasting in the marketplace of ideas. After suffering a significant fall that resulted in a dislocated wrist1, which will soon undergo surgery, I'm temporarily switching to an audio format for my content.2

In the interest of keeping this Substack in operation past 2024, I’m going to start pushing much harder to secure paid subscriptions. I want this to be a near-daily publication, a publication that ceaselessly explores “the work” in its myriad forms. Click that little heart, leave a sweet comment, and then sign up below to support this work.

This episode begins by reflecting on the financial success of my previous podcast, What's Left?, highlighting its ability to continue generating significant revenue even years after ceasing production.

120 subscribers as of 3/27/2024

From there, I proceed to offer a can’t-miss blueprint for becoming the sort of Small Language Model (SLM) proto-AI needed to dominate what’s left of the shrinking, overproduced post-pandemic market for ideological “home-team” content.

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My dislocated left wrist

Despite the injury, I'm adapting to continue my work by using a one-handed mechanical keyboard and dictation tools.

Oliver Bateman Does the Work
Oliver Bateman Does the Work
The continuation (from "What's Left?") of Oliver's interviews with people about the interesting work they do + solo episodes covering assorted academic topics.