Oliver Bateman Does the Work
Oliver Bateman Does the Work
The Work of Ghostwriting (w/ audio attached)

The Work of Ghostwriting (w/ audio attached)

Joshua Lisec, one of the most successful ghostwriters in the business, discusses the tricks of his trade

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In this free-to-all episode, I talked to Joshua Lisec, who is one of the world’s most successful ghostwriters. Over the course of this 45-minute conversation, Lisec discussed:

  • Optimizing your book for sale on Amazon

  • The marketing challenges faced by traditional publishing houses

  • Creating a system for writing about any topic

  • The benefits of book publishing that extend beyond the number of copies sold

  • How he developed an entire “ghostpublishing” operation

  • The ethics of ghostwriting

Over on Amazon, you can preorder Lisec’s new book So Good They Call You A Fake: Command Attention, Monetize Your Talent Stack, and Become an Uncontested Authority in Your Niche. 1

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Of course, this book is already the #1 new release in the “public relations” category on Amazon — Lisec explained during the episode how he makes Amazon’s marketing machine work for him.

Oliver Bateman Does the Work
Oliver Bateman Does the Work
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