Apr 18Liked by Oliver Bateman Does the Work

oliver, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this interview., I've subscribed to Justin's substack for quite a while now., and I read his book on the internet last summer. I'm going back for a re-read based on the insights I picked up in the interview. What I like about his work and yours is that it is often over my head, but always stimulating. I also like how you write about topics like wrestling. I'll read about pretty much anything from economic theory to how tug boats operate. Being 73 I'm not tuned into the using all the tools that you discussed related to research and writing, but it's interesting hearing about them. I don't think of myself as a real academic or intellectual. I'm just a former construction worker who has a lot of curiosity, loves to read and held on long enough to get the Ph.D. Looking at the state of academia today and the current history department I don't see the university as the place to really engage knowledge. Keep up the work, all the best, Scott

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