Apr 18 • 1HR 16M

The Work of the Internet

Justin E.H. Smith and I discuss why The Internet Is Not What You Think It Is

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Oliver Bateman Does the Work
The continuation (from "What's Left?") of Oliver's interviews with people about the interesting work they do + solo episodes covering assorted academic topics.
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The Internet Is Not What You Think It Is: A History, a Philosophy, a Warning

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In this wide-ranging discussion from May 2022, I talked to University of Paris professor Justin E.H. Smith about his book The Internet Is Not What You Think It Is.

Suggested Reading

Justin E.H. Smith's Substack

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If you subscribe to only one Substack, it should be Smith’s. So much bang for your content buck — and I’m hardly one to dole out compliments (consider the last time I offered unqualified praise for…well, anything).


This was one of the first pieces I read by Smith — who can be classed among the best intellectuals of this generation — and it’s well worth your time.